Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's started

As I'd just finished sorting my blog and was preparing for my first post I saw a tweet that summed up the situation I'm finding myself in and this blog aims to chart.  I've sat on a start line on less than 10 occasions and suddenly I'm named by SIP events as part of a strong field for this weekend's Whinlatter Challenge - alongside Josh Ibbot and Huw Thomas.  Illustrious company. 

I prefer the anonymity of last year and feel rather odd.  I'm only doing these things to achieve something for myself, not race other people.  Yes I'm competitive, but with myself.  There's so much to work on - fitness, skill, mentality - it seems backwards to me to worry about others before I've improved on some of these things myself.  Does this mean that others are out to beat me?  Or does no-one except me care? 


  1. You are far stronger than me! My name was there as well! Yet oddly looking at the start list some of the locals who always do well and I'm sure will beat both of us are not mentioned. We just have a twitter presence!

  2. Agree! Still found it odd though.