Monday, 15 April 2013

My first XC race - a story board

1. Pre-race prep
a. Registration 
All signed in for the Masters category.  Just 3 laps.  Whole race is probably going to be shorter than one lap of endurance race.

b. Course recce
Long slog up a boggy fairway into a massive headwind to start off.  Can just about see the top.

c. Warm-up
It normally takes me a good hour or two to get going. Getting a bit worried now.

2.  Go Go Go
a.  Lap one
Interesting start. Reasonable position, conflict between trying to get ahead of people and hiding in the group out the wind.  Got tied up in course tape blowing across and somehow pedal became disconnected from bike (!) meaning that places gained in big overtaking push were lost.
b. Lap two
Moved up a few places, starting to find a rhythm.  Pedal staying on bike.
c. Lap three
Apparently I can do aggression.  Overtaken a few more racers.  Had good duel for position but skipped wheel at top of up-and-over meant I lost what I gained.
3. Aftermath
a. Lactate
Must. Keep. Moving.
b. Podium
Second place.  Chuffed with that.  26 secs behind first, annoyed that I missed out but lap times showed improvement as race went on.
c. Trophy
Maybe it wasn't that bad after all. 

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