The journey

So far, I have...

Female Winner - Endurance Series
August  - 2nd 12hr solo female, Torq in Your Sleep
August - 6th solo female, Brighton Big Dog
July - mixed pairs, TransAlp stage race
July -  2nd female, Midlands XCE
May - National 24hr solo champion, 2nd female at 24hrs of Exposure 
April - 2nd masters female, Midlands XC Series Round 2
March - 7th elite female pair at Andalucia Bike Race

September - England team, Tour of the Himalayas
April - European & National 24hr solo champion, 1st female at 24hrs of Exposure

August - 1st female in 12hr solo at Torq in Your Sleep
July - 2nd female in 12hr solo at Bontrager Twentyfour12
June - 2nd female in 3hr solo at Bristol Bikefest

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